Keep the Faith

Sorry for the infrequent posts; last week I was attending a photography workshop over the weekend so I couldn’t get organized in time to put a post together.  This week, well, I’m late due to procrastination.

I’m doing a quick post to get this door photo up.  During our recent trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming we made the trek to Yellowstone National Park but I was surprised to learn that Yellowstone closes the Park for the winter season.  We made reservations to stay at the iconic Old Faithful Inn which was constructed in 1903 – 1904 and opened in 1904.  It’s a beautiful rustic hotel and restaurant.  More information about the Inn can be found from Wikipedia HERE; unfortunately, my cellphone shots didn’t turn out well to display them here.  Our reservation at the Old Faithful Inn was for the last night that they were open before the winter closure so we had to explore a small section of the park while we could.

This is the entry door to the Old Faithful Inn from the inside; there was some light snowfall and it was cold so I didn’t stay outside to get the outside door shot but you can see some of the red exterior from the open door.


When we arrived there earlier in the afternoon it was near the time that the Old Faithful Geyser was going to do an eruption performance so we sat on the cold bench seats to get a front row view.  During the performance I shot several photos and I found this interesting shot of Old “Lady” Faithful; it almost looks like a woman’s head with her hair piled on top of her head popping out of the geyser pit.


And during our exploration of the park the next morning we came across herds of bison, a Harrier Hawk, and a couple of coyotes but they were too far to make a good photo for publication; I’ll share a bison head shot as he walked several yards from me to get away from those pesky humans.  Almost looks like the “buffalo” nickel.


Thank you for visiting my post and thanks again to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website that gives us bloggers an outlet to let our thoughts be put on paper or in this case, web space.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.

12 thoughts on “Keep the Faith

  1. Those hinges are massive! I don’t recall noticing that when I was there last, but now that I think about it I don’t think I went into the Inn…the Lodge I did. I’ll go back and look at my images. It was snowing when I arrived that evening and the next day when I went to see Old Faithful it was misty and damp that the steam mingled with the low clouds and mist so I didn’t get any of what I called defined Old Faithful spewing shots. Your image is really nice! I don’t see the lady and her hair in the steam. I don’t really see anything. Weird I usually do.

    I’ve been to Yellowstone 4 times and every time there’s been snow and rain. 3 times were in the middle of summer!

    That Bison is huge and looks like its winter coat is all in.

    How was Photoclave?

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    1. Thanks, Deborah! It started to snow after we saw the geyser eruption and walked around to see the sulfur pits. The Inn has the restaurant and old hotel rooms in the back of the building; we stayed in the old rooms in the Inn but I think there were also other separate buildings with hotel rooms.

      FotoClave was a fun event; speakers were interesting but most were subtly (and not so subtly) trying to sell their photo tour services. Overall, it was a good experience but I’m wondering if I will do it again next year.

      The “Lady” image requires some imagination; some can see it and others may not. I was going to add another copy of the photo showing some marks to look at but WordPress does not allow me to add that here so I’ll send it to you by email and you can decide if there is an image or not.

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      1. We stayed in the Inn when I was 12. We were on an Epic road trip/ camping vacation. We stayed in 7 states that July. We arrived in Yellowstone to a buzzard! My parents scrambled to get us in the inn because camping wasn’t something the planned or wanted to do. After the rooms were secured my mom herded us all down to the General store to buy coats- heavy coats! I will never forget that trip to Yellowstone. It was my first time there.

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    1. Thank you! Like Deborah, the image does not seem apparent to you; I look at things with an open mind and see things that some people do not. Unfortunately, I can’t add another photo that I marked up to show the lady’s eye and nose but on the right side there is a dark spot that looks like her eye and at the center bottom of the steam is another dark spot that looks like the nose (nostril) and the dark vertical line from the nostril looks like the nose going up to the forehead. If you can see that then the hair would be the curly steam bunched on top of her head. Her head is coming out of the pit at an angle towards the right.

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  2. Still, one of the places I would like to visit! Love the sturdy old doors you shot! Wow, the geyser, an awesome sight! so, true about the woman’s head. nature makes its own art:) Also love the close up of the bison’s head! Another world, compared to California:)

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    1. Thank you, Jesh! Sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with posting and viewing other blogs. Things just get me sidetracked! Holidays approaching quickly; are you entertaining family? Weather must be getting cold up in the mountains; we had a preview in Wyoming. I’m wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving now in case I get sidetracked again!


      1. Don’t worry, I haven’t kept up either! My daughters are bent on inviting hubby and me, and finally I found a way to invite them – for my birthday. So, they are entertaining me, instead of the other way around, lol! Happy early Thanksgiving:)

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