Thursday Doors 7/1/2021: Big Expectations

On our road trip in March 2021 we drove to the Cascades Mountain in Washington state hoping to see some interesting landscapes and rural life. Since we were exploring we took some off road turns to see what was on the other side and found some interesting things.

Somewhere along the way as we passed a small town we saw a sign or something alerting us to a small church up the road so I thought this would be an opportunity to get some door photos of a small church.

Driving with eyes peeled to find that small church I almost missed it and turned off the road and hit the brakes. We got out and started taking some photos which are shown below.

The lighting looked good filtering through the trees highlighting the church’s roof.

The Church

The church’s steeple was plain, consider the rural location as an explanation.

The great door of the chapel.

And to put things into perspective, the small church, Wildwood Chapel.

They weren’t kidding when they alerted people that a small church was up the road.

Sometimes we don’t take things literally when the say “small” and it was the size of a child’s playhouse, but it had a sizable green door!

So I hope your visits to the Thursday Doors features on the No Facilities website, hosted and managed by Dan Antion, keeps you surprised by what Dan and the other world class door bloggers will offer you each week. Be a contributor and share a surprise door or doors for others to see.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 7/1/2021: Big Expectations

  1. Lovely photos, Gordon. I had to look this up, as I was certain this was on the way to Steven’s Pass. I remembered passing a small chapel when we drove that route (1978-81). Apparently, it was vandalized there and moved to the North Cascades area after being repaired. It’s good to see that it’s still standing. Thanks for sharing with us.

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