Thursday Doors 6/24/2021: Don’t Believe Everything You Read, Maybe

Last year our road trip home bypassed routes through Utah to get back to the Bay Area in California. We made a stop and looked around the landscape after looking at the sign detailing the history of the town of Baker and the Snake Valley.

I recall it was a small town and we focused on some old buildings but the sign said what a great place to call home. Well the photos didn’t give you the impression that it was a great place to call home.

If your home looked like this; I think there is a door in here somewhere.

There are some newer buildings but many old relics, too.

But up the road somewhere, I guess I changed my mind, a little when we saw the red barn with nice wooden doors.

This is my Thursday Doors contribution for this week. Be sure to visit Dan Antion’s No Facilities website where he hosts and manages the Thursday Doors blogs and take a trip around the world by seeing what other Thursday Doors contributors are offering from their parts of the world.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 6/24/2021: Don’t Believe Everything You Read, Maybe

    1. Thank you so much, Manja. I mainly use Lightroom to do my initial post processing and then I use an add on program, On1 Raw 2021 to do finishing touches (it has some features to boost the contrast, tweak some of the lighting and details and ten I switch back to Lightroom to finalize. I learned a technique last year called Luminosity masking which really made the post processing easier and better. Half the battle is finding the composition and the rest is like putting on make up.🙂

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