Thursday Doors 6/17/21: The Journey, Not the Destination

The old adage, it’s the journey and not the destination that holds some truth. We know where we want to be but it’s getting there that provides some interest.

Such is what is displayed in today’s Thursday Doors post. Last year we visited Idaho among other states and headed on the Sawtooth Mountain Scenic Byway in search of new adventures. Our first trip to this area and we saw some old wooden houses on a lot just off the road. We made a mental note to stop there later.

During the return trip I looked for the area we saw the wooden houses and pulled into the small dirt road. From the Byway we didn’t know it was a residential area but we were drawn to the old building. A man was collecting some fire wood next door and we asked if it would ok to take some photos and he told us that the big old building was empty and nobody would mind if we took some photos.

It turned out to be an old lodge that had seen better days but it was not habitable and the September evening was getting cooler so it needed a heat source if anyone stayed there but there was none (you can see the bent chimney stack on the roof). So here’s the building that caught my eye as we passed by in the morning and returned to on our way back to the house we rented in Twin Falls. It had a nice wooden door, a door that makes it qualify for the Thursday Doors weekly posts hosted by Dan Antion; Dan also manages the Thursday Door posts for other door bloggers from around the world. Be sure to visit his No Facilities website to sample the doors by others and post your own doors.

Here’s the lodge from a different perspective.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 6/17/21: The Journey, Not the Destination

  1. I would have found it impossible to pass up a chance to take some photos of that building, Gordon. These are great. I love it when you can see the sunlight streaming through the entire building. I hope someone steps in to save this lodge.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. I think that area was hit hard economically during the pandemic but I’m not sure when this lodge closed. The guy we spoke to that stayed in the old house next door told us he and his wife were allowed to stay there while working in a small restaurant nearby but their place had no furnace so he needed firewood to heat the place.

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