Thursday Doors 6/10/2021: Doors Real and Sometimes Imagined

Today, I am trying to post my door contribution to Thursday Doors, the website created by Norm Frampton but now Managed by An Antion, at a reasonably “early time” (for me, anyway). Today, I will post a door from a little town called Silverton when we visited that location in October of 2020.

Silverton is located in the western San Juan Mountains of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It was formed during the silver mining days and revived during the gold rush after having its ups and downs during the economic happenings of the era. Today it is a National Historic site and still has a small old western town. The details of its history can be read in Wikipedia (sorry for the shortcut history lesson) here:,_Colorado

We drove past the town and passed mining properties and saw abandoned old buildings and equipment. We drove up a hillside trying to get to an old ghost town but the dusty old gravel, pitted and rock road was too narrow at some locations with big drops from the edge of the road that you needed a high suspension 4-wheel drive vehicle to get there. We had a 4-wheel drive SUV but it wasn’t high enough to dodge some of the rocks on the road so we decided to turn around at an area that looked too dangerous to proceed and didn’t reach that ghost town.

Along the way I got some photos of doors at the small town and abandoned mining buildings so I’ll feature an old building with at least two real doors. It looks usable and I wonder if it’s still in use.

Along the way the landscape was littered with old equipment. In this image, the door is gone from the truck but imagine what it looked like:

And, a bonus photo for your imagination with some words of wisdom, Watch for Deere Crossing:

Thank you for visiting this Thursday Doors post and please be sure to visit Dan Antion’s No Facilities website where he hosts and manages the Thursday Doors blogs for other door aficionados from around the world; and if you dare to participate, please add a door image of your own to share with the door watchers’ community.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 6/10/2021: Doors Real and Sometimes Imagined

  1. These are wonderful photographs Gordon. I really like the first picture of the old truck. I laughed at the bonus photo 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words about Thursday Doors and thanks for participating.

    Liked by 1 person

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