Thursday Doors 6/3/2021: Waterfront Park

We spent a couple of days in Leavenworth, WA which is modeled like a little German town. I’ll show some photos of the town in another Thursday Doors post. In this post we hiked around the Waterfront Park which had a small loop trail with some nice scenery. I found a door worthy for this post in this area.

There was a lodge at the entrance to the trailhead from the town and that’s where I found a great wooden door. This was a side entrance to the Blackbird Lodge.

The lodge looked pretty big from across the the island that had the hiking trails; the island was developed not only to show a scenic park but it was also developed to protect the town from floods. The lodge as seen from the island looks like this.

One of the scenic views walking on the trails is a view of the snow capped mountains. I saw an Osprey flying over the river landing in a tree so that told me there was fish available in the river.

Thanks for stopping by to catch a view of the door and the snow capped mountain. Be sure to visit Dan Antion’s No Facilities website to see his Thursday Doors postings and those of other door bloggers that he hosts and manages.

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