Thursday Doors 5/27/2021: Doors in Dark Lighting Conditions

I had a couple of interesting scenes with barn doors but they were shot at dusk with poor lighting and the doors were not the main compositions but the overall image was worth sharing for this Thursday Doors edition.

The low lighting cause a lot of noise in the images and I used Topaz AI Denoise to reduce the noise but without adequate lighting many images turn out noisy.

This image was at sunset and the sun started its descent at the horizon but I was able to get details from the dark. The barn has some doors on.

Sunset Lighting of Tractor and Barn

The next image was shot in the community of Woodburn, OR after our sunset shoot at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. We decided to explore the area because we had to get up early the next morning for our road trip home to California. The barn sat on a hillside and the sunset light cast some great lighting on the clouds. The barn was dark but I was able to pull out some detail of the barn doors.

Barn in Woodburn, OR

Thank you for visiting my Thursday Doors entries for this week. Please visit Dan Antion’s No Facilities website to see what kinds of things Dan is cooking up this week and look for the Thursday Doors postings that he posts and manages for other Thursday Doors bloggers from all parts of the world for their contributions.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 5/27/2021: Doors in Dark Lighting Conditions

  1. They’re both beautiful images, Gordon! The tractor has a door too. 😀 Were you hand-holding your camera during the making of these images? I’m really impressed with the Sharpen AI on motion blur, and out-of-focus images. I haven’t had to use the Noise AI as much as I thought I would, but I’m glad I have both tools in my toolbox.

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  2. Thank you, Deborah. The first image with the tractor was shot in very low light so I recall using my tripod for that shot. The foreground was lightened up in post processing and correspondingly, the sky got brighter with the yellow hues. Our normal vision in the dark saw more red in the sky that evening. The second image was also in very low light but I shot 3 bracketed shot in quick succession so I was able to hand hold that shot and I was amazed to see the lighting on the clouds when I processing the image last night; I recovered the door image using a variety of processing techniques when it was so dark you could hardly see any detail.

    I use the AI Denoise and AI Sharpen when needed and both are good products. I had a problem with the 3.1 DeNoise upgrade as it kept crashing and I contacted Topaz Tech Support; they suggested the setting on my graphic chip might be the issue and I later discovered the upgrade turned off my memory allocation setting so after switching it back on it worked. I think these 2 two tools really help alot in sharpening and reducing noise.


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