Thursday Doors 5/20/2021: When Life Gives You Lemons

I’ve heard that phrase many times and that ques up the beginning of this short Thursday Doors post. My restart of Thursday Doors blogging was based on my recent trip to Washington state and continues with that theme for the time being.

One late afternoon we explored some of the back roads of La Conner that had many farm fields and sometimes barns that we could photograph without trespassing. We came upon this little stand on the corner of the road but since it was late no was around it. The picture is self explanatory about the title of this post. The added bonus was the background tree and the bicycle leaning against the Lemonade stand.

Lemonade Stand Plus Eggs and Tulips

Now to make this post qualify for the Thursday Doors requirements we found this beautiful barn up the road with some great barn doors.

Barn in La Conner in Late Afternoon

If you’re interested in seeing more doors from various locations around the world please visit Dan Antion’s “No Facilities” website where he hosts and manages the Thursday Doors contributors’ blogs and his own witty and picturesque door photos.

Thanks for visiting this week and I’m hoping to process more images for the coming weeks.

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