Thursday Doors 5/13/2021: Small Town in the Skagit Valley

The recent road trip I took had the goal of finding the daffodils and tulips as they bloomed in the spring at the notable fields in the Washington Skagit Valley. The trip was fruitful as we got to see the daffodils blooming when we arrived but the tulips were just sprouts of green leaves in the ground in the very cold weather and we had doubts that they would grow up and bloom into the tulips we see in flower stores within a couple of weeks.

We had tickets to the RoozenGaarde farm for the daffodils when we arrived at our rental house and this is what we got to see. The fields where the tulips would germinate looked bare and we wondered if we would miss the event if they did not grow and bloom before we had to leave in a few weeks.

Germinating Daffodils

Flash forward a few weeks and it was the day before our scheduled time to leave for our next destination. We had heard the tulips finally started to bloom and we were amazed at how fast they could grown in the cold weather.

Our tickets to see the tulips was for the evening sunset viewing so we drove to La Conner where the tulip fields were and where the RoozenGaarde farm was located but it was early so we decided to explore a bit. We found the little harbor town of La Conner and wished we had explored this place earlier during the three weeks we were there. I just looked at the Wikipedia information about the town and learned it was given historic status and the census was about 891 people in the 2010 census. You can see some the Wikipedia information,_Washington

Here are a couple of doors in the town of La Connor for the Thursday Doors post. I still have to process the other photos from this town but I only had a half an hour to do a quick walk around to find some interesting doors to photograph so I’ll add more photos next time.

The Kayak Rental Booth at the End of the Town

A newer building with some historical information in newspaper postings (the doors are modern).

Some History Postings of this Town on the Newer Building
A close up of the posting

And to conclude this episode of the Thursday Doors post, which you can see more of by visiting Dan Antion’s No Facilities website where he also hosts and manages the Thursday Door posts from other door bloggers from all over the world, a sunset image of the long awaited RoozenGaarde tulip fields.

Thanks for dropping by and checking out my door blog for this week. I hope to get more door images edited and posted as time permits.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 5/13/2021: Small Town in the Skagit Valley

  1. Thanks for bring me back to Washington. I’ve been here before, but it has been a long time. Lovely photos, and some cool doors, but any picture from Washington is sure to make me feel good.

    Liked by 1 person

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