Thursday Doors, 2/18/2021: Moving On from Fez in Morocco to Erfoud

We left the city of Fez after spending a day on tour there, but the doors I posted from that city, if you followed my blogs, made it seem like we spent several days there. The travel to Erfoud took us a full day in the tour bus as we traveled through the Atlas Mountains through the Ziz Valley to the Sahara Desert area.

Wikipedia defines Erfoud as an oasis town in the Sahara Desert, in the Drâa-Tafilalet region in eastern Morocco. It is divided into several districts: Hay Salam, Hay Jdid, Hay Ziz, Hay el Bathaa, Hay Annahda, and Hay el Hamri. I’m not sure if we visited all of those districts but we visited a few places before heading out to the Sahara Desert for a sunset camel ride in the sand dunes.

We arrived at the Hotel Erfoud in the evening with a welcoming committee waiting for us with open doors.

They told us that after checking in we could go to the rooftops to see and photograph the sunset and then have dinner and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

There were no doors worth photographing on the rooftops so I just took shots of the sunset over the desert like this image.

The next day, we headed for a mosque called the Mosquée moulay Ali Chrif in Rissani. This is where my Thursday Doors will feature a couple of doors.

The entry into the mosque had a beautiful wooden wall with a cutout for the doors. Our tour members give you a scale of how large the wall was.

The next photo is of the same door but a little closer to show the details.

Inside the mosque you encounter many arches, sorry no doors.

I did find a beautiful ornate entry door to photograph but I don’t recall what was on the other side of it.

These are the doors that I processed for this tour day in Morocco (which was about a year ago). Thank you for visiting. If I find other door photos from this location I’ll post them in another Thursday Doors blog but if you’re craving for more door photos, please visit Dan Antion’s website for all of the Thursday Doors that he posts and manages for other door bloggers.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 2/18/2021: Moving On from Fez in Morocco to Erfoud

  1. Fabulous photos, Gordon. I love that sunset. The door at the mosque is amazing. I’m trying to imagine making a door that large. I appreciate the close in view of the details. I also really like the photo of the arches. Well done.

    Thanks for joining us at Thursday Doors.

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