Thursday Doors 2/4/2021: Exit Doors to Fez

I’ve spent a lot of time posting doors from the Fez Medina and I’ve reached the end of that visit to that city but there are other doors in other cities we visited in Morocco so look for those doors in future posts.

The exit doors to our Fez visit happen to be the exterior of the Royal Palace to King Mohammed VI of Morocco. I’m posting two photos at slightly different angles but you can see how huge these doors are by the scale of the guards and our tour members in front of the palace.

In my comments to Dan on last week’s Thursday Doors, there were many shots that I photographed using street photography techniques; basically, having your camera setup to shoot quickly and being ready to compose and shoot at split second. The shot below is one of those street shooting shots and here is the backstory on it. As our local guide led us through the crowded alleyways or walkways through the Medina we had to try to walk single file to let the people pass on the other side. I was near the front of our line, maybe a couple of our tour members in front of me behind our guide and I caught a glimpse of an image ahead but behind our guide so I quickly stepped to the right and got a shot, maybe it was a couple of shots before I dropped back into line. As I previewed what I shot I was elated at getting something that might turn into a good composition. It was almost a month later after returning home and doing some post processing that I discovered what I really shot. At first, I thought this might be my signature shot from this trip and after reviewing the final edits of this image but then it became something deeper. The image can be called Pauper or Sinister and I’ll explain more after you see the image.

Is the face hidden? Yes, on close examination the hood over this beggar’s head hides his face but I discovered otherwise. Can you see another face or even more faces on the wall. The sinister face I mentioned is on the wall. Hold the photo away from you and look again. There is a face on the wall; the right eye of the face appears just over the left shoulder of the pauper, the crack in the plaster exposing the concrete to the left of the pauper’s shoulder can be the bridge of the nose and to the left of that is the left eye; the eyes look towards the left front. Sometimes the camera captures more than what we thought we saw and while this could be considered a coincidence it certainly was more that what I saw in that split second to capture this shot.

To Tegan, maybe this is an image to find its way into one of your mystical stories. I’ll end this post here as I’m already late in posting this Thursday Doors blog and if anyone wishes to see more door images, please visit Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors blogs.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 2/4/2021: Exit Doors to Fez

  1. Those are some seriously large doors. Your technique for taking pictures during a tour is interesting. I have had to do that on occasion. Sometimes, you don’t know what you have until much later.

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