Getting Back to Doors

This is a very short post as time is running out and I wanted to get the Thursday Door repetitive posting muscles back in action. The way I see it, if you start posting doors again it might get easier to continue doing so.

I checked my photo archives that I am still post processing from a trip to Morocco in February and March 2020, wow it seems like it was so long ago! Life in pandemic does funny things to your concept of time.

Here’s an ordinary door that I walked past in the Fez medina.

That’s it for this week; door posting muscles feeling stronger already ;-D Also, be sure to check Dan Antion’s No Facilities Thursday Doors posts for other door bloggers’ posts at

10 thoughts on “Getting Back to Doors

  1. Wow, now that is a DOOR! It’s built to last a life time – just like we used to built things there, centuries ago, lol.
    You didn’t strike me as a person who had difficulty with deadlines … was I wrong? Oh, by the way, because of Dan’s request of putting the Thurs. door in a post by itself, I had to change my strategy with my weekly posts, so I call these posts “Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors!” If I thin about it, I’ll alert you on Thursday:)

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