Bon Voyage, Norm

It has been a long while that I have posted a Thursday Doors blog and my lame excuse was that I took a photo trip for a month in September and October, 2020.  We traveled to Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Nevada while passing through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Moab in Utah and other small towns in between our major itinerary.  We tried to take a break from the pandemic thinking those states north and east of us were safer but when we returned home we discovered the COVID-19 infection rates spiked in those states; we made it back safely utilizing masks and social distancing practices everywhere we visited!  The break in posting can, and does contribute to laziness and lack of motivation to continue posting so I’ll have to get motivated again to start posting doors.

Last week, I learned that Norm Frampton, the discoverer, originator and creator of Thursday Doors is stepping away from running and maintaining this world-wide blog.  It sent shock ways through my brain and made me realize that I couldn’t let this last post for Norm slip away.  So I’m posting a couple of door photos that I took on this last trip for our Thursday Doors mentor, Norm Frampton, Door Master Emeritus.

As Norm mentioned, he is not disappearing but taking a break from running the Thursday Doors blog and Dan Antion has taken on that responsibility.  Dan is one the creative and funny door bloggers as well as posting other blogs so I’m looking forward to joining his new Door Blogs.

I found this appropriate door photo in Freak Alley in Boise, Idaho that encapsulates what Norm is doing.

The next photo is to remind Norm that if he doesn’t return to post a door blog in the future we’ll send out the wolves to find him. It was also taken in Freak Alley.

So Norm, this is bon voyage, not good bye! Good luck on your break and I hope to see your door posts on Dan’s TD site in the future. It was truly nice to know you even if it was a virtual relationship and maybe some day I’ll run into you in person. Take care and stay safe.

11 thoughts on “Bon Voyage, Norm

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words Gordon 🙂 These are both stunning!
    You know that if you do ever make it out this way you’ll have a willing tour guide to show you around.
    Until then, stay safe and take care my friend – cheers!

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    1. Thank you so much, Deborah! Sometimes you say I can do it tomorrow and then this pandemic alters time when you’re sheltered in place most of the time and the door is locked for the week so you say, ok next week; then Ground Hog Day (the movie) starts the repetition…but when I saw that Norm was posting his last TD as the creator of the blog I had to get my butt in gear to break the cycle. Hope you’re doing well. I have been doing any shooting since I returned from my trip and need to get out there again. I see allot of birding photos by others and need to get out there to the NWRs! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe.

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  2. That was a great idea to take a traveling trip instead of “doing nothing” at home:)
    Yes Gordon, we now live in a suburb of Austin. We sold our house in July, in 4 days (if that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is:)) Had to leave the studio behind, that was hard, but we know we have to be here, for right now, and I don’t know for how long. Hubby had just taken on a job of making a new wooden deck in Senora (2 hrs. South of where we lived before). We lived at that cabin till Aug. 20, to drive to Texas (that’s when all those fires of the lightening strikes were burning). If you ever come this way, we have 3 extra bedrooms, so you are welcome to stay! We are still in the adjusting/renovation period, but hope to be done in January. Thanks for connecting:)


    1. Hi Jesh, just noticed your new name. Are you going by Junior now? Last time we connected you had just moved to TX but your last blog suggested Old Sac so I was a little confused. Wild we’re terrible all over this year; we were close to one in Wyoming and another in Colorado (Rockies) and when you’re traveling by GPS you get nervous when it’s directing you towards the smoke. It was a different experience traveling in a pandemic and scary when you don’t know where the exposure may come from. I hope you get settled enough to set up your new studio so you can delve into more calming activities. Keep in touch and stay safe!


      1. Hello Gordon,
        In August we moved to Texas, but just getting around here is a culture change (they have freeways here – as much as in Los Angeles – I was shocked!, but they’re toll roads, so we ask the GPS to avoid toll roads.
        My heart is still in California, and have not been in places here in Texas, where it was worth shooting pics yet. So you will keep seeing pics from California for a year, lol.
        The”Junie” is an addition to the Jesh, more for me, so I can keep track on which blog I am:)
        I gave up my studio, because there is no place in this house to have a studio … but I do have 2 of my 9 x 7 feet ones hanging on the wall (I don’t think when you came I had already painted “The Red Line.”
        Yes, Gordon, wherever you maybe in the country, hope you stay in touch!


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