Where Else But Back to Fes

Continuing the journey through Morocco and picking up where we left off (hoping that Norm had a nice vacation break during the interim).

Looks like someone is welcoming us in (just thought of the fairytale, Little Red Ridding Hood when the wolf invited Red Ridding Hood in and to come closer) but I just shot the photo and ran to catch up with our tour.

A nice door with a padlock!

And the final door for this post, the best for the last.

Thank you for visiting my post and thanks again to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website that gives us bloggers an outlet to let our thoughts be put on paper or in this case, web space.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.

10 thoughts on “Where Else But Back to Fes

  1. Hello Gordon, I was at Thurs. Doors last two weeks, but did not see your link:) But today I saw you at Deborah’s site. Almost the end of August we moved to Texas, Austin (a suburb of it). We are still settling! Today came our fridge:) Was lamenting (to Deb) that I haven;ts seen one yellow leaf yet. It’s in the mid eighties.

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  2. Hi Jesh! Sorry I lost contact with you and didn’t know you moved (wow to Texas!). I haven’t been blogging as diligently as previously and I was on the road traveling for a photography vacation for the past month and just returned last night. We visited Idaho, Montana, Colorado and passed through Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada. This was my last Thursday Doors post before the trip so I’ll have to get some new posts submitted soon. Hope you like Texas in spite of the lack of fall foliage! Keep in touch!


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