Were There Spies Behind Any Doors?

Well, I’m late again in getting this post on Norm Frampton’s website.  Who is this guy Norm, you ask?  Norm, like other undercover personalities in the world, uses aliases and his code name is Thursday Doors where the secret society of Door Observer Organization Revivalists (DOOR) hide behind doors watching blog posts by others sharing photos of their doors from around the world.

My Morocco tour stopped in the city of Tangier, an edgy city that had a reputation for international spies.  It was the type of place that is old world with wonderful people and old buildings with lots of doors in different shapes, colors and made of different materials; the kind of place a photographer likes to explore as long as you also watch out for pickpockets and don’t get too far off the beaten path.

As our tour walked in the city I had a hard time keeping up as I was trying to shoot as many doors that I came across like this one.  Stars on the doorstep seemed like a nice touch!


Moving quickly, I shot the upper half of this door which was very ornate.


Then getting down to some serious shooting; 2 doors in one shot with an artistic wall painting separating them.


I’m going to end this post here with a shot of a friendly vendor that I saw at the marketplace near our hotel; it was early in the morning before this walking tour so the market was still empty and he was nice enough to look at me and give a thumbs up but was that a spy behind him watching?).


Thank you for visiting my post and thanks again to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website that gives us bloggers an outlet to let our thoughts be put on paper or in this case, web space.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.

11 thoughts on “Were There Spies Behind Any Doors?

  1. The colours and fancy pattern in the second one make it my favourite.
    So you got to be ‘that weird guy’ who slows down the group by stopping to take pictures of doors, eh?
    Been there, done that…often 😉

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    1. Haha, thanks Norm. Not so wierd as a few others were worse than me in straggling behind; our tour manager was excellent in letting us photographers lag behind to do our photos and staying with us while the local guides led the tours ahead; however, we did get lost in Tangier and when our tour manager found us he also got lost from the tour but thank goodness for cellphones to get us caught up with the tour.

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  2. Wow, each post is better than the one before! Beautiful and colorful doors! As well as the painted wall I can imagine seeing this you had trouble to keep in step with the others. you can’t just go back for a weekend to take a better capture:) No way can I make a choice between door 1 and 2 – they’re both perfect! Hope California is not humdrum after all these colors of N Af.!

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  3. The second is my favorite, and that wood ornate door with the diamond on it just on the left of the frame with the painted camo door looks rather nice too.

    I’m glad you were able to get caught up to the tour and had an understanding tour guide!

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  4. Thanks, Deborah. We got lucky with this tour manager; it was a large tour (almost 40 people) and such tours are not photo tours so it’s mostly street shooting techniques – see, grab and shoot quickly, which I did; but this tour manager let us straggle behind understanding that too many people in the compositions is not what we wanted so he stayed back to let us have some freedom and ensure that we did not get lost. It was almost like herding ants for him because there were a couple of people that always wandered off photo-bombing everyone’s shots but he kept everything under control and we always got to our destinations on time.


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