Paradise Inn

I forgot to get this post up for the August 3, 2019 Thursday Doors posting and I tried to beat the clock but it was impossible to do it within a minute so I’m preparing this for the next opportunity as I will also be travelling next week and might not be able to post it then.

This was related to my last post when we were in the state of Washington, visiting Mt. Rainier.  After a day of exploring and trying to find “that” photo, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner in the National Park and what better place to have that but in Paradise.  The Paradise Inn just reopened after undergoing an extensive renovation; information about that renovation can be read at this link:  Paradise Inn Renovation

We didn’t stay at the Paradise Inn or get a chance to wander around the complex too much except for visiting the Paradise Inn’s Dining Room which reminded me of Yosemite National Park’s “Ahwahnee Hotel”; the Paradise Inn’s Dining Room building looks a bit smaller but still exhibits that experience that makes you comfortable and want to hang out in a historic mountain lodge.

This was the look of the Paradise Inn Dining’s building as we walked there.


As you enter the building, you’re greeted with the look of high open ceiling trusses with a lot of wooden beams and logs, cozy furnishings and chairs to lounge while taking a break or waiting for the restaurant to open, gift shops, a fireplace and someone playing music at the piano.


And then, you find that fantastic set of wooden glass doors that lead you into the dining room.


My photos of the dining room ended at this point because it was time to eat and put the photo gear away for now.

Thank you for visiting my post and thanks again to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website that gives us bloggers an outlet to let our thoughts be put on paper or in this case, web space.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


11 thoughts on “Paradise Inn

      1. I did not get over there. The day before I planned to come down Baby Girl and The Handsome Surveyor invited us to come to the Houseboat with them for the week-end so, I changed plans and did that instead. I emailed you about that.
        Anyway, I got home and my friend that told me about the Red Bishop sent me a message me telling me their nest had been destroyed by a predator and the adults had flown away. I haven’t heard anything about since, so I missed that, but loved hanging with Grandson’s and Baby Girl.

        Our Anna is getting some real good looks at the Eagles and I’ve been enjoying her images of them though.


  1. Gordon! Long time no see:) Don’t know how I missed so many of your posts! Probably because last 3 months haven’t been much on my blog, except for All Seasons, the challenge I do. The reason was prepping for a yearly painting show I used to contribute to when living in southern Calif (Laguna Niguel). Now I also have another 9 x 7 feet painted since you saw the first two ones.
    Spectacular images of the interior with all the logs, and wow, that golden light behind the doors in the last one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for visiting my infrequent posts. The Paradise Inn was a beauty and the was good, too.
      Deborah informed me she will be visiting you to view your latest work; I wish I could visit to see it, too but I’m in Hawaii for a reunion so I will have to see it in a photo when you post it.
      Good to hear from you.


  2. Great shots Gordon. Yes the first thing I thought of looking at these was the Ahwahnee. There’s something about the combination of stone and wood in grand spaces that is so awe inspiring.

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