Moss Beach Distillery

Last year we were checking out some San Mateo coastal trails and one of them led us to the Moss Beach Distillery.  The MBD is a well-known restaurant which has indoor seating and an expansive deck patio with great views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, especially during the sunset hours.  My wife and I used to sit on the swinging wooden benches, or other chairs with cocktail tables watching the sunset with a drink in hand and some appetizers, with one of their thick throw blankets to keep the chill off.  We haven’t done that in a while but perhaps it’s time for a revisit.

This is an excerpt from Wikipedia, “Moss Beach Distillery is a restaurant in Moss Beach, California, located on a cliff which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  It is officially designated as a California Point of Historical Interest.  Originally established in 1927 as a speakeasy, it converted into a successful restaurant after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.  You can see more information for this link: Moss Beach Distillery

Another reason this restaurant is popular is the legend of the Blue Lady, a ghost that has been reported to haunt the premises.  You can read more information about this ghostly resident from the Wikipedia link:  Blue Lady (ghost).

When we came upon the restaurant from the coastal trail I was surprised to see the neighboring building.  The last time I was in the area the property was a vacant lot with some hints of work being done to build something.  The finished building was wide, probably due to the dimensions of the lot and it was painted mostly white but it had a great looking door so I took a photo of it with my cellphone for an eventual Thursday Doors post.  Thursday Doors is the creation by Norm Frampton to let other “ghost writers” write their door blogs and share their images of doors from the universe.


I also took a quick snapshot of the front portion of the MBD but wished I had taken some photos of the patio deck in back.


Thank you for visiting my post and thanks again to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website that gives us bloggers an outlet to let our thoughts be put on paper or in this case, web space.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.

5 thoughts on “Moss Beach Distillery

  1. Yes that is a great looking door you stumbled upon. Interesting looking hardware too.
    So sorry for the extra late reply this week, the 4-day Easter weekend has me playing catch-up all over.

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